At the Campione Univela Hostel you will find accommodation for all requirements, specially designed for sports lovers, sailors and water sports enthusiasts to enjoy their stay.
Campione Univela Hostel offers comfortable accommodation in a Bed & Breakfast with a vast buffet breakfast to best start a day of sports.
All rooms have a balcony, private bathroom with shower and hair dryer, flat screen satellite TV, air conditioning and internet connection.
You can choose between a simple hostel bed, a single room, a double room and even a family room for four.
Some rooms look onto the lake, others have a splendid view of the mountains. The guests can ask for full board or half board at the PR Piadina Romagnola, with the beautiful in-house  restaurant that offers typical dishes of the Emilia & Romagna regions, homemade pastries and cakes and the best coffee of the Torrefazione Caffè Pascucci . 
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Services include

- Restaurant divided into two separate areas, Dry and Wet which you can access also in wet suits.
- Gym equipped with Technogym apparatus
- Wi-Fi in the common areas
- Linen
- Men and women’s changing rooms with showers
- Equipped conference rooms
- Car/Van Parking
- Safe
- Coffee bar with TV 
- Use of slipway
- Dryer room with video surveillance for wet equipment
- Terrace with panoramic view
- Large square accessible to vans with trailer
- Beach and lawn with deck chairs for the guests
- Information material on sports activities, rentals, organized hikes and taxi service

- Self service washing machines and driers
- Temporary boat storage
- Boat storage
- Hauling services with 6 TON CRANE
- Trailer storage
- Kitesurf boards storage
- Five-a-side

Type of accommodation

Bed in hostel shared room (1 to 6 beds)
Single room with view of lake
Double room with double bed or two single beds
Room with three or four beds
Family room
All rooms available with lake view with a small supplement.
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Campione Univela Hostel
An hostel is really similar to an hotel. The main difference between hotel and hostel is that the first has rooms with every kind of services (i.e. tv, a/c, private bathroom, internet connection,…); instead the second one has shared rooms with several beds in addition to essentially furnished hotel rooms. Shared rooms can be small or large (sometimes up to 18 or more beds), for female or male only, or mixed: therefore most probably you will share the room with people you do not know.
That is a good remind to the hostel origins: it was born in Germany in 1909 to guest youth desirous to travel without to many expenses. Richard Shirmann, a teacher, used classrooms (during closing school time in summer) as dormitories.
Since then and above all since some years hostels have been changed and they’re going to renew and adapt to the most descerning guests. Not only dormitory with tens of beds but single, double and triple rooms. Some rooms have also private bathrooms. But not only that. The changing regards also the atmosphere: sometimes  gorgeous and striking villas, historical buildings or huge and modern constructions. One of the limit is that many hostels deleted is the stay. Although most of them do not allow to stay more than 2 weeks because of the idea that hostels are a place in which people stop for short periods.
The hostels differ from hotels also for the collective atmosphere. Into an hotel discretion predominates, on the contrary in hostels there is a much more familiar and sharing environment, without give your own privacy up. People have breakfast all together, meet each other during lunch and dinner time and people often share the room. The reading room and the lounge bar are other meeting point.
In the hostels making new friends is much more easy, comparing trip and tour information. Since some years there are no more age limitations to get into an hostel. They are open to young and less young people. Hostel guests are open-minded and curious people with a strong discovering desire. Everyone choose hostels: people from any kind of origin and different cultures that share their adventure and trip experience.
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Campione Univela is proudly working together with the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre - Lake Garda.
Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre - Lake Garda is certified as Royal Yachting Association Training Centre.
Univela Sailing is the Yacht Club affiliated with Federazione Italiana Vela and organizes regattas and trainings.