The "Progetto Itaca" comes back to Campione del Garda after the break.

The Brescia newspaper dedicates an article to the Ithaca Project.

Temporarily suspended due to the health emergency, the Ithaca project is waiting to be able to resume navigation soon. For those who do not yet know it, this is an initiative born in Brescia within the oncology and hematology operating units of the Brescia Civil Hospital, in close collaboration with the Ail Brescia, AOB and some important sailing clubs of the Garda and aims to activate through sailing therapy, the psychophysical rehabilitation of oncohaematological patients and their families. "Pending the return to normal, however, we never stopped - explain by the Italian Association against leukemias, lymphomas and myeloma -. An evolution of the Itaca project, the Sail Camp is in preparation, an initiative made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Univela of Campione del Garda and the Andrew Simpson Foundation "(which is based in Italy right at the sailing center on the delta of the hamlet in lake of the Municipality of Tremosine).

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