Sailing Course Level 1 or 2 + Bed and Breakfast

Offer Starting Date: 10/05/2020

Offer Ending Date: 22/09/2021

This package includes 2 nights in a single room with breakfast included and a 2-day sailing course with the Andrew Simpson Center School.

The summer season is about to end and there is no better time to enjoy Lake Garda when the tourist crowds have left. One of the most famous lakes in the world and certainly the most famous for sailors.

Have you ever thought about learning to sail?

The sailing school par excellence is in Campione del Garda and is called Andrew Simpson Center. A sailing school run entirely by English mother tongue instructors with the aim of carrying on the name of the famous Andrew Simpson, former Olympic and America's Cup athlete.

For those who decide to start from scratch to learn how to use a sailboat in all conditions, we have dedicated this two-night, two-day course package.

Two full days from 9 to 16 on boats specially designed to facilitate learning and all the technical material necessary to go out safely by boat.

The package we have designed for you provides that you arrive the night before and enjoy the excellent temperature of Campione del Garda without cars and without noise so that you are ready the next morning to start your course in complete relaxation.

Price: €390

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2 nights with breakfast

2 full days of sailing


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