Saturday, 09 October 2021

sAILcamp - 2° Appointment

Event Start: Saturday, 09 October 2021

Event End: Sunday, 10 October 2021

In partnership with Associazione Italiana Contro le Leucemie Linfomi e Mieloma & Andrew Simpson Foundation


The diagnosis of an onco-haematological disease represents one of the most impacting and destabilizing events that a person can experience in his or her life.

When they strike, these diseases cause enormous upheavals in every area of ​​the life of those who get sick and those around them.

Paradoxically, even therapies that aim to cure or control the disease transform the body, offend it and force patients to undertake an important job of accepting a body image that has nothing to do with the one they were in. accustomed; and the change does not only concern the physical aspect, also everything that the body is no longer able to do.

Often, albeit in the awareness and in the hope that a large part of the changes may be temporary, the limits are imposed with all their strength.

Within this therapeutic framework, more than in other health care paths, rehabilitation means recovering the sense of control and mastery over one's history and one's life project; it means returning to be at the helm of one's own existence.

Trauma is not the end, the scars created by pain and suffering can become precious textures thanks to resilience, coming out enriched by adversity, continuing to invest in the present and in the future.

It is not a question of "simply" resisting, but of building a new balance by discovering other interpretations and a renewed inner strength.

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