Pieve di Tremosine

Difficulty: easy
Lenght: 3 hours

From Piazza Francesco Arrighini take Via Pascoli and, behind the football field, take the abandoned stretch of the Gardesana. After passing the two tunnels, continue to the left along the road which, passing under the small waterfall of the Lesìne stream, rises gently to join the provincial road n. 38 (min.25).

Going uphill for about another 200 meters, you arrive at the entrance of a tunnel to be overcome on the right following the old route until you cross the signpost 201 (min. 10) that connects the port, visible below, to the houses of Tremosine which they look up.

The bottom becomes unpaved and you pass the vertical base running on a rocky outcrop, where you pass a small cave with a Madonnina to the top at m.413 in a total time of 40 minutes.
Arriving at Viale Europa in Tignale as far as the former town hall and the schools, there are two possibilities:
- Follow the provincial road for Arias, as soon as you reach Pregasio (478 m), near the church of San Marco, take Via Lo on the left, which coincides with the path of path 267 of the Lower Via del Garda;
- Take the signpost next to the parish oratory via Vagne. 202, which descends until it presents itself in front of the roadway, blocking it, the gate of a small villa, skirting the fence you enter a chestnut grove and you turn into via Lo.

From Via Lo, point of arrival common to the two tracks, on a comfortable mule track you go to an isolated barn surrounded by olive trees (1 hour); a very panoramic path, in some parts literally dug out of the rock, leads to the San Michele gorge, which is overcome by an iron bridge; keeping to the left, following the marker 267 between the nets, cross the narrow tunnel (as a precaution, better get a flashlight!) and reach the square of Campione.

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