World Formula Kite. French Victory.

The Formula Kite world championship in Campione del Garda is concluded, organized by Univela Sailing in collaboration with Kite Campione.

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05 May 2019

The Kite World Formula speaks French

by Gian Luca Pasini

The 40 knots of the Tramontana lacustre, "Pelerone" or "Vent de Balì" as they call them on these lake shores, close the "2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships", which took place this week on the waters of Garda di Lombardia, offshore of the Campione peninsula. A day with too much wind, one with rain, in others on the water a true festival of colors thanks to the sails in the shape of half a kite. The regatta offered the first Test Event of those that will be the races scheduled at the Paris Olympics in 2024 (sailing in Marseille). The world title goes to Nico Parlier, a Kiter from Arachon (Bordeaux) ahead of the British Oliver Bridge and Connor Baimbridge. The Azzurri in Gold Fleet are Alessio Brasili (Fiumicino) and Marco Calbucci (Cesena-Porto Civitanova), respectively in 13th and 16th place. Thirty women, here the battle between the USA and Russia is consummated, with the American Daniela Moroz, who precedes Elena Kalinina, third the Australian Breinana Whitehead.

The race in pairs of the Olympic Test saw the success of the US team with Daniela Moroz and Evan Hefferman, ahead of France and Russia. The World Championship was organized by the World Federations of Sailing with Federvela (and 14th Fiv Zone), by the Ika Formula Kite class, Univela Sailing, Kite Surf Campione, Andrew Simpson Foundation, thanks to the support and patronage of Pascucci and the Lombardy Region, which included the Kite Championship among its major Lombard Events of 2019.

On this occasion, a project was launched to nominate Garda as the Capital of Outdoor Sports 2020-2024, an initiative that arose thanks to the journalism course for TV and social media for Stars students, the Dams of the Catholic University of Brescia, thanks to an idea of ​​the managers of the 14th Fiv Zone and #Visit Brescia. The next appointment for this course (including school) will be the Italian Championships of the Olympic classes (11-14 September) which will always be organized on Lake Garda by Cv Gargnano, Canottieri Garda, Circolo Vela Toscolano-Maderno and Univela Sailing Campione.

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