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At Univela you can learn to sail, windsurf, foil, kitesurf, sup, and kayak.

Passions are what make us dare. We put in them our whole heart and commitment.

For us, sailing is a proper passion, more than just a mere sport. The values that sailing pass on us are essential in our daily life. We have always considered this a good way to grow, to better know ourselves and what surrounds us.

Let’s start with the boost of self-esteem that sailing gives you. It’s like learning to ride a bike but is amplified tenfold. We admit that sailing is a bit more complex, surely is not a skill that everyone will get eventually, but it’s not impossible.

Actually, 6 or 7-year-old children can start practising this sport. Another thing that sailing teaches us is the sense of responsibility and respect, towards the equipment, the people and the environment around us. When we are on the water there are rules to follow and precautions to bear in mind, to guarantee our safety and the safety of others. It’s necessary to teach those who are approaching this world that things must be done in a certain way and that stuff must be put in particular places. Details are very important in this sport. But don’t forget about what surrounds us.

Our sense of direction will increase. We will look more carefully and notice the landmarks to help us understand where we are going and where we came from.

So in addition to the attention to detail, the sense of the big picture will develop. The sense of size, distances and depths is also very important and will come in handy when driving, especially if this perception is built up from an early age. It should be kept in mind that this sport is practised in a place that is not exactly natural for humans and where the weather conditions could put us to a challenge.

This is where our courage and adaptability come into the game. We may have to make an important decision in a very short period of time while on the water, and this is no small quality! Our problem-solving skills are sharpened, making it easier for us to find our way in the world of work. And if the wind doesn't come, we wait. We can't always have everything right away, and sailing teaches us that very well.

Calmness, patience, knowing how to weigh uptime, you certainly don't learn these things in school.

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