Training Centre

Univela is hosting regularly the teams that need to train long downwind and tricky upwind with a lot of tacking near the mountain.

Here is a list of the Univela perks for teams:

  • Access to the grass field in front of the building to rig the boats and capsize them if you need to do some sail/mast tweakings.
  • Use the hangar where you can rig 49ers, A-Cat and any other similar size boats inside, in case of bad weather.
  • For physical exercises, Campione has plenty of natural paths to run in nature. In case you need to lift some weight or train with machines and hiking simulators, you have free access to the gym.
  • You will have free crane service for your motorboat and in case you need an extra coach boat you can rent one from us at a very good price.
  • The restaurant will run around the clock according to your team schedule and will let you enjoy the north wind morning session and have lunch right away when you come ashore in order to be ready in the afternoon for the south wind session.
  • For your theory lessons, briefing and debriefing, you can access the hangar where we have a lot of chairs, tables and a TV screen to show the videos from the training.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and we will answer quickly

Special prices for teams

Below you can see our gym.


A video made by the Italian Sailing Federation during a training session of the Italian Olympic team.


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