Club Nautico Bardolino triumphs at the Claudio Trophy Optimist Team Race in Campione del Garda

In the picturesque scenery of Lake Garda, from 20 to 22 October, an unparalleled sailing spectacle took place with the Claudio Optimist Team Race Trophy, which captured the attention of fans of the sport throughout Italy. An extraordinary event that saw teams compete in fierce competition, culminating in the victory of Club Nautico Bardolino.

Club Nautico Bardolino triumphs

The Club Nautico Bardolino team, consisting of Alberto Avanzini, Sebastiano Macarini, Artur Brighenti, Tommaso Revenoldi, and Martino Paone Mittner, demonstrated exceptional mastery on the waters of Lake Garda. Their navigation and coordination skills swept away the competition, allowing them to take the top step of the podium. The victory was the result of hard work and meticulous preparation, and Club Nautico Bardolino can be proud of their success.

Second place for Fraglia Vela Riva del Garda

Not far behind, in second place, is the Fraglia Vela Riva del Garda team, consisting of Leonardo Grossi, Andrea Demurtas, Jesper Karlsen, Marco Aloisi, and Vittoria Berteotti. These young sailors proved to be formidable competitors, displaying extraordinary skills and indomitable determination. Their performance was a true spectacle and showed just how much sailing talent can be found in every corner of Lake Garda.

All Stars team takes third place

The third step of the podium was gained with honour by the All Stars team, represented by Giulio Mattanini, Mattia Cesare Valentini, Francesco Colotto, and Thomas Colaizzi. These young sailors from Tuscany and Abruzzo proved that sailing is an art that can unite different regions in a single passion. Their third place underlines the emerging and promising talent that permeates the youth sailing scene.

Comment by Marcello Meringolo, Coach of the Italian National Team

"The Claudio Trophy regatta reached an epic conclusion, perfectly framing the event programme. This edition is destined to remain in the memory of sailing fans, while the regatta is projected into a promising future. The final was an authentic show of determination, with the Bardolino 1 team triumphing 3 to 2 against the Riva 1 team. But the surprise was the excellent third place won by the mixed All Stars team, representing Tuscany and Abruzzo.

The crews' tenacity was put to the test, especially due to the adverse weather conditions on the first day of the competition, but their commitment and passion for sailing prevailed. There was no shortage of opportunities to learn and grow during lessons on Friday evening and Saturday, proving that this event is not just about sporting competition, but also embraces educational value. We look forward to welcoming you to next year's event, scheduled for September 2024. Sailing continues to sail into a bright future!"

An extraordinary event

The Claudio Optimist Team Race Trophy was much more than a sporting competition. It was a time of growth, learning and friendship for the young participants, who had the opportunity to hone their skills and create indelible memories on the enchanting waters of Lake Garda. The passion and dedication of these young sailors is a promising sign for the future of sailing in Italy.

The wait for next year

As soon as the sails have dropped and the Claudio Optimist Team Race Trophy has concluded its 2023 edition, attention has already shifted to the following year. Sailing fans are looking forward to returning to Campione del Garda in September 2024 to witness another extraordinary spectacle of youth sailing. It will be an appointment that no true lover of the sport will want to miss.
In conclusion, the Claudio Optimist Team Race Trophy offered an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate youth sailing, demonstrating the talent and dedication of young Italian sailors. The competition was fierce and spectacular, promising a bright future for sailing in Italy. All that remains is to look forward to the next chapter of this exciting competition.


We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the institutional sponsors who made this extraordinary event possible: the Lombardy Region, the Province of Brescia, the Pro Loco of Tremosine, the Italian Optimist Class Association, the Italian Sailing Federation and World Sailing. Their support was fundamental for the success of the Claudio Trophy.
We cannot forget to thank also Univela's sponsors who contributed significantly to make this event possible: Depasalus, Alpe del Garda and Pascucci. Your support was crucial and appreciated by all participants and sailing enthusiasts.
Thank you to everyone who made this regatta an extraordinary experience. See you next year for another exciting edition of the Claudio Optimist Team Race Trophy!

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