Wingfoil Italian Championship

With a scenario like Campione sul Garda you cannot fail to have successful events. The event opens on Day 1 on Wednesday 2 June for the third leg of the Italian WINGFOIL 2021 Championship, in the disciplines of Racing and Air Style.
After the briefing with the athletes in the Univela sailing park, we prepare ourselves with the competition field waiting for the wind from the south, the legendary ORA, which takes a little while and unfortunately has never blown as usual.
We start with the first race with a wind of 11/13 knots with the course in Square, very compact downwind and down in the stern for the first of the technical sides of the course, Cappuzzo takes the lead closely followed by Riccardo Marca and the very young Riccardo Zorzi who finish the first regatta in this sequence. The wind creates a few holes in the central side of the lake and the second heat is conducted wisely by Paolo Migliorini, on the strength of an excellent start and without making a mistake he wins a well-deserved victory, with a constant Zorzi expressing excellent racing skills, to follow. the young Pietro Leon Kiaulehn who wins the third place.
A break is needed to reinvigorate the wind which in the meantime is starting to get mad with an intensity that does not go beyond 10/11 knots and a base of 9 knots. In a quick sequence, it is possible to start for the third and fourth heat of the day before closing the program for the first day of racing.
Two first places for Francesco Cappuzzo followed by a constant Zorzi and the Marca technician.
Close provisional ranking in racing, on Thursday 3rd we will start with the discipline of AIRSTYLE maneuvers and jumps, conditions permitting, and then close with other racing courses.

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