16 luglio 2022-17 luglio 2022-Admitted Boats: ILCA 4, ILCA 6, ILCA 7

ILCA Regional Regatta

Immagini della Regata

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Tempo Limite Proteste Domencia 17 Luglio: 16:18

Comunicato n°2

Il punto 18 delle Istruzioni di Regata viene modificato come segue:

Saranno assegnati i seguenti premi in relazione anche alle caratteristiche delle flotte.

Classe ILCA 7

1°-2°-3° Classificato

Classe ILCA 6

1°-2°-3° Classificata

1°-2°-3° Classificato

1° Under 19

1° Under 17

Classe ILCA 4

1°-2°-3° Classificata

1°-2°-3° Classificato

Age Division

If you're not sure which Masters category you fall into, please refer to the table below.
You shall reach the following ages during 2022:

Age Group Master Category
30 to 44 ILCA 7 Apprentice Master (men only)
ILCA 6 Apprentice Master (men and women)
45 to 54 ILCA 7 Master (men only)
ILCA 6 Master (men and women)
55 to 64 ILCA 7 Grand Master (men only)
ILCA 6 Grand Master (men and women)
65 and over ILCA 6 Great Grand Master (men and women)
ILCA 7Great Grand Master (men only)
75 and over ILCA 6 Legend
30 and over ILCA 4 (Women only)

Partenza Domenica 17 Luglio: 12:30

Tempo Limite Proteste Sabato 16 Luglio: 16:41

Comunicato n°1

Modificare il punto 7.1 del Bando di Regata come segue:


Sabato 16 luglio: Prima prova alle ore 12:30

Proteste e Riparazioni

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Scoring Inquiries

Welcome to Univela!

Completion of registrations.

The secretariat is available from 2pm to 5pm on Friday 15 July. If you can't come, send me your insurance to club@campioneunivela.it

Unloading and rigging the boats.

We are waiting for you on Friday afternoon until 18:00.

When you arrive at the roundabout you will have to go to the right to directly access the lawn. You can unhook the trolley and unload the boats on the lawn.

The road trolleys will be pushed by hand to the trolley park located under the mountain.

Parking spaces for cars and vans.

The only parking available is located 200 meters from the club and is subject to charges.

Entry list: 57

Video Gallery

Video Regata
Regata 2 - Partenza
Regata 2 - Partenza
Regata 2 - Partenza
Regata 2 - Partenza
Coach Cut

https://youtu.be/SvTRdqQ1PSc (403)


Event Schedule



14:00 - 17:00 Perfezionamento Iscrizioni



12:30 Prima partenza



12:30 Prima partenza


17:00 Premiazione

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