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The Garda regatta released an unexpected surprise for the first day: “arietta”. In the water around 2 pm, a bit of waiting and off to the race towards the windward mark. Wind down test ended. Intelligence on H and everyone on the ground waiting for conditions to race, but nothing done.

For the second day the Race Committee decides to "predict" the morning Peler. Wake up early and at 8 starting signal and off for the three daily tests. Nice strong wind and “sail paradise” for the 21 crews who reached Campione. The day would seem to be over with the Peler and the three tests, the first two of two laps and the third of three, instead all agreed and back in the water for a last test of the day with the "Ora" class in the afternoon but of little intensity.

The ranking bears the mark of Mazzucchi-Lisignoli followed a few points by Fantasia-Recalcati and Viganò-Viganò (complete ranking click). Tomorrow the podium!

We have extracted some of the beautiful photos taken by the talented Martina Orsini and published on Campione Univela's Facebook page (click). The first gallery dedicated to bowmen the second day of Day 2!

8 o'clock ready go! This is the hourly sound of the siren per minute from the start of the first test. Even today the Race Committee is betting on the "Peler" and it is right. 16/18 knots for the first test of two laps, a fifteen minute break and off to the second. Until the fourth all without breath and with the double trapezium always extended.

The Garda gave its best morning wind for all the crews and “sail paradise” even today with four races and a complete program. Congratulations to the Race Committee and the Club that made the right choices.

On the "track" of the upper Garda Mazzucchi-Lisignoli they go faster than the others and with two firsts of the day today they take home the trophy. At nine points Fantasia-Recalcati always in the first positions as well as Viganò-Viganò in third, on equal points but bronze for the game of arrivals. Fourth Radman-Cioni and fifth place the Germans Stroebel Steve-Morris (complete classification click).

To highlight the presence of young crews, for now only foreigners. A sign that beyond the Class something is moving in the right direction. We also work to bring the kids on this adrenaline-pumping, fun catamaran, where the knowledge of tactical sailing crosses skill and tenacity and also a good dose of unscrupulousness.

Do not miss the gallery of the talented photographer Martina Orsini (click) on the Facebook page of Campione Univela where we have extracted some shots.

But to go to Campione, do you go through Brescia or Riva? Dunno ... the important thing is to go!
First edition of the "Internazionali d’Italia". 21 crews from Germany, France, Denmark, and also a crew made in the USA. Few Italians, only 11. No good.

With the extraordinary heat of these days combined with the punctual night thunderstorms, the Ora has not formed as usual for about 10 days. In the 3 days of regatta there will be only two tests carried out with the south wind which in terms of intensity seemed to be on Lake Trasimeno instead of on Garda. The remaining 7 tests all done with north wind in the morning reminded you instead of being on the famous alpine lake that everyone envies us in sailing. Regattas never taken for granted and impeccably managed by the CoR. The common sense of doing 4 short trials (25min on average) with the Peler on the last day to allow for a more comfortable return was appreciated by all the racers. Since the Hour was in hiding ...

Elia and Jacopo win with merit who combine their typical speed with a tactical clarity and aggressiveness in the departures on the left tack very remarkable. Very good! Seconds Fantasy and Davide always at ease in all conditions and thirds the Viganò twins really very good both in the management and in the tactical choices. On the podium three lake crews who simply did better than everyone else!

Fabulous Matteo Monti and Matteo Fiorini who we saw them tick at the club on Saturday convinced that the regatta was on two days! No problem ... registration with "slight" delay and off to the water. Great Matteo & Matteo.

What worked

Il Circolo Univela: top logistics and organization
the Peler: a guarantee….

What went wrong

The presence of the Italians. Too few! Only 11 for a location like Garda is just a little bit. We can and must do better. Also because it was a "cool" ... as usual!
Note of merit for the young Mattia Schipani, a young formulist who started from Potenza with car and trolley, passing through Puglia, he intercepted the helmsman (the always excellent Francesco Panella) and together they drove several hours to reach Campione. Ditto for the Roman team Sanzone-Ruggeri. Passion knows no bounds ...

And now everyone in Gaeta!
Luca & Marco


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