Univela will host the 2024 Hansa 303 Inclusive European Championship in Campione del Garda, Italy

We are thrilled to announce that the 2024 EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship will be held at Univela Sailing in Campione del Garda from October 7 to 13, 2024.

At Univela Sailing, we pride ourselves on promoting inclusivity in the sport of sailing. This championship epitomizes our values, as it brings together para sailors and non-para sailors to compete on equal terms without handicap or compensation. This year, in collaboration with the Hansa 303 class, we have decided to feature only the Hansa 303 single and double-person events. A limited number of boats will be available for charter to ensure broad participation.

The event will commence with two days dedicated to measurement, registration, and practice, starting on October 7. The first official race is scheduled for October 9. Our location, Campione del Garda, on the north-western shore of Lake Garda, is renowned for its unique wind conditions that cater to both seasoned sailors and novices alike.

Univela Sailing is more than just a regatta venue; our sport centre provides comprehensive facilities, including accommodation options ranging from rooms to apartments, as well as an on-site restaurant. We strive to offer everything needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, ensuring participants can focus entirely on the competition.

For further details and the Notice of Race, please visit: Univela Sailing - EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship 2024 EUROSAF

Event Program

The event will begin with three days dedicated to registration, preparation, and measurement, followed by four days of intense competitions and social activities. The final day will be reserved for the awards ceremony, celebrating not only the sporting achievements but also the commitment to inclusivity.

A Cultural and Social Experience

In addition to high-level competitions, the Eurosaf Inclusive Championship will offer numerous opportunities for cultural and social exchange. Themed evenings, gastronomic dinners, and recreational activities will enliven the event, fostering interaction between participants and the local community.

The Power of Inclusivity in Sport

The Eurosaf Inclusive Championship 2024 will not only highlight sporting excellence but also demonstrate how sport can be a powerful tool for social and cultural integration. The event will inspire the community to continue promoting inclusivity and diversity in sport and society.

The Choice of the Hansa 303

The Hansa 303 boat was chosen for the Eurosaf Inclusive Championship for several reasons:

  • Accessibility: Designed to be accessible to people with disabilities or special needs, with an open cockpit and simplified control system.
  • Inclusivity: Available in both single and double configurations, allowing a wide range of participants to take part.
  • Safety: Equipped with advanced safety features, suitable for navigation in variable conditions.
  • Proven Experience: Widely used in inclusive sailing events around the world, demonstrating reliability and versatility.

Boat Details

The Hansa 303 is specifically designed for adaptive and inclusive sailing, ideal for people with disabilities or special needs. Available in two configurations:

  • Hansa 303 Single: For a single sailor, stable and easy to maneuver.
  • Hansa 303 Double: For two people, suitable for those who need assistance or wish to share the sailing experience.

Both versions feature an open cockpit and a simplified control system, with advanced safety features for protected navigation. Their versatility and ease of use make them popular in inclusive regattas.

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