WWF Travel Sailing Camp

Event Start: domenica, 25 giugno 2023

Event End: sabato, 01 luglio 2023

In partnership with WWF Travel

Find all the information at https://wwftravel.it/tour/univela-lago-di-garda/ or contact us directly at club@campioneunivela.it

"The Lake, The Wind and The Waves!"

This summer Univela and WWF Travel are launching the first Sailing Camps focused on sustainability and the environment in the beautiful location of Campione del Garda.

We're off with the wind, full sails, gliding light and fast every day on the water of the immense, beautiful Lake Garda.

In these parts, there are many winds blowing from all directions at different times. Each wind has its own name, but our greatest friends are Ora and Peler, who blow our sails whenever we decide to go out as skillful sailors.

With a sport like sailing, we're right in the midst of nature in all its essence, overwhelmed by its beauty and power.

Our instructors teach us to do things on our own, to manage under their supervision, and to move our boats by ourselves.

The place is beautiful; we live by the lake and in contact with the white rocks of the mountains, in a village isolated from the main roads around the lake. It's a free and enchanting environment.

If only I had known that such a camp existed!!


This proposal includes the presence of high school participants at the camp, so in general, there will be a mixed and diverse group of boys and girls attending the camp together.

Activities are carried out in both smaller groups, homogeneous in terms of specific attitudes and skills, and all together.

Our sustainable vacation.

We learn to use resources consciously, to seek sustainable energy sources and recyclable materials. We consider the environment as a home that we need to protect with care and responsibility.

Anti-plastic solutions implemented at the camp:

  • We avoid the use of plastic water bottles whenever possible. Whenever the taste and quality of the water allow, we use tap water and reusable bottles.
  • We try not to use disposable dishes and other supplies.
  • We practice waste separation, even when the area is not properly equipped for it.
  • We use biodegradable or paper bags (only when necessary).
  • We avoid drinks and beverages in aluminum cans.
  • We reuse plastic bags until the very end...
  • We always strive to adopt the correct behavioral measures to save water, energy, and resources in general.

General Theme of the Camp

The camp aims to teach us the basics of sailing and other water sports. It's an experience focused on fun and sports, where we'll try out a wide range of boats, windsurfing, and paddleboarding.

We'll have a great time and learn to love the water. The experience is about 70% sailing and 30% SUP but we adapt according to weather conditions.

Every day, we spend about six hours sailing with expert instructors, but that doesn't mean we miss out on excursions and walks to explore the mountains, gorges, waterfalls, and trails in the surroundings.

Between one boat session and another, there are plenty of things to do and activities to enjoy around Campione del Garda.

When the wind conditions don't allow for sailing activities, we engage in other water activities such as kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

And with the summer heat, it will be fun, unusual, and refreshing to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the lake on this side!"

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