We are what we eat

Feuerbach says that we are what we eat and we agree with him. This is why in our restaurant every little detail counts. As Italians, food is part of our identity and we want it to describe our territory. You will find a small piece of Lake Garda in every product we choose.

Around 4 a.m., when everything is quiet, our fisherman Paghera lowers the nets and calmly waits for the local fish, like caregoni, trout and sardines to bring to Matteo, our cook. Once he cleans and treats the fish, the magic happens right on the grill.

And if you fancy some meat? We asked Alpe del Garda, who knows best and always has been a guarantee in this field. The passion they put into running their cooperative and farm, translates into excellent pancetta, delicious salamina…

If this is not enough to make you hungry, know that we are very friendly. Therefore we took the car and we drove 20 minutes to discover the secrets for the perfect marinade to cook “carne salada”, a typical meat-based dish of our Trent neighbours. With such good products, it’s a pleasure to cook, ask Matteo and he will confirm!

Next to these wholesome dishes there can be only the best local wines, such as Lugana.

We love Matteo, but we couldn’t leave him without a right arm. So Elena enters the game, an expert pasta-maker. She makes all the gnocchi and pasta we offer you, from tagliatelle to tortelli and from spaghetti to maltagliate. The essential role in this process is played by flour, and that of Molino Pasini manages to pass all the meticulous checks of our palates and stomachs.

Also worth mentioning is the flour in the sandwiches of our burgers, accompanied by the refreshing Leder beer, directly from Valle di Ledro. As lovers of sustainability, we couldn't miss this concrete form of circular economy. You should know that in the process of brewing beer, once the barley is steeping in hot water, it releases the skins that cover the grain, called “trebbie”. Instead of throwing them permanently to waste, a drying and milling process was created to obtain flour that contains the grain's proteins. So as well as tasting great, our buns are also great for the environment and nutrition!

Last but not least, since we like to make things, we must get an ice cream machine after tasting the milk of the brown cows of Alpe del Garda.

Hey, don’t leave without coffee! The selection and maturation process of Pascucci's raw coffees will surely leave you a good taste in your mouth.

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