14 June 2022-15 June 2022-Admitted Boats: Optimist Team

Optimist Team Race Claudio Trophy

In partnership with Associazione Italiana Classe Optimist

Notice n°4

15 June 2022 - 18:50

The first warning signal on 15th June 2022 will be at 9:00

Notice n°3

14 June 2022 - 18:30

The intended format for tomorrow 15th of June 2022 is as follows:

Teams ranked 1 to 10 in the round robin will rac the format “King of the Castle”:
1- 10 vs 9
2- W1 vs 8
3- W2 vs 7
4- W3 vs 6
5- W4 vs 5

Teams ranked 1 to 4 will run semifinals 1st against 4th and 2nd against 3rd. First to two wins. The winners of the semifinals will sail the final and the losers will sail the petit final. Both first to two wins.

Notice n°2

14 June 2022 - 08:30

Sailing Instructions Ammendments #2

The umpire boats shall fly a yellow flag with black letter “J”.

Notice n°1

13 June 2022 - 19:30

Sailing Instructions Ammendments #1

1.8 Add the following sentence to D3.1(b) : When a boat is scored NSC, 6 points shall be added to her score. This changes RRS A5.2

7.2 Delete “Rizzotti Trophy”

7.8 Delete 7.8 and replace with: The intended format for the last day of racing will be communicated at the the competitors briefing on Wednesday 15th June

15.2 Delete “anchored”

Entry list: 10

Video Gallery

Trofeo Claudio - Day 1
Trofeo Claudio - Finals


Event Schedule

Day 1


8:00 Skippers Meeting

9:30 First Warning Signal

10:30 AP over H is up on the RC


12:35 AP Down Ashore


19:00 Umpires & Competitors Debriefing

Day 2


8:00 Skippers Meeting

9:00 First Warning Signal

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