Path 267 from Campione to Prabione

Duration (round trip): 4 hours
Difficulty: hiker
Difference in altitude: mt. 940

Path 267 From Campione to Prabione (segment of the Lower Via Del Garda)
From Campione on the right bank of the homonymous torrent, the trail 267 of the "Lower Via del Garda" starts with a series of steps leading to a tunnel (duration min. 15 and it is advisable to bring a flashlight!) And a walk between a water channel and the deep ravine.

Leaving the iron bridge on the right, continue on the 266 signpost for Prabione close to the cliff.

Little by little the view opens on the valley, on Pregasio, Cadignano, Sermerio, the Tignalga and Lavino mountains, then the path gives way to a mule track that enters a hornbeam grove and comes out in Bàit, near a house rustic surrounded by a meadow with chestnut trees (min. 35).

In 300 meters you are in sight of the tourist village of Campogrande; on the right, along the asphalted road, go to the Visitor Center of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, to the first houses of the historic center of Prabione (540 m). where you continue, on the right, along the path 204.

Go down the next two crossroads to the left and the other to the right as far as Puntsèl (min. 30), from where you go up to Cadignano (min. 30).

Enter the provincial road towards Pregasio (478 m), cross it and, just before the church of San Marco, take via Lo, which coincides with 267 of the Lower Via del Garda. Leaving the hotel Villa Selene on the left, go down the mule track to an isolated barn surrounded by olive trees (min. 30); the path, literally dug into the rock, leads back into the gorge of San Michele, which is overcome on the iron bridge avoided during the climb; keeping to the left, following the 267 between the nets, you cross the narrow tunnel and you reach the square of Campione.

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