Hiking & trekking

Excursions in the fascinating context of Lake Garda.

Hiking & trekking

Hiking is an activity based on walking in the area, both along paths (roads, paths), also variously equipped, both freely, outside of fixed routes. Often, the term deriving from the English language also is referred to as trekking. The term comes from the English verb to trek, which means walking slowly or even make a long journey.

Before leaving, it is appropriate to try to learn well the territory on which we will move, in particular, the marked trails, the position of any points of reference, the altitude and the general orientation to the cardinal points.

Clothing is of course linked to the season, but you must take into account any worsening of weather conditions. You should always include waterproof clothing to wear in case of an emergency. Preferably, use boots suitable for the type of soil that will address and specific socks for hiking (typically free of seams and with a differentiated structure for greater ease).

For the latter (in contrast to what one might commonly imagine) the wool is more suitable in the summer. Boots and socks are recommended to aim for the best possible quality (they are essential).

Many travellers collect their excursions on personal blogs. For example, Enrico details one of the most interesting routes and you can find it here: https://www.enricotrek.com/13-aprile-da-campione-del-garda-a-tremosine.html#

On the well-known Wikiloc website made for sharing your tracks, you can find a long list of routes for all durations and difficulties https://it.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/find.do?t=&d=&lfr=&lto=&src=&act=&favorite-list=&months=&following=&since=&q=campione+del+garda


Pieve di Tremosine

Difficulty: easy
Lenght: 3 hours


Path 267

Duration (round trip): 4 hours
Difficulty: hiker
Difference in altitude: mt. 940

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