Ring starting from Campione to the Terrace of the Thrill

From Campione to the Terrazza del Brivido it is a circular route. From Lake Garda you go up to Tremosine to admire Lake Garda from the thrill terrace. The descent towards Campione del Garda begins in Pieve di Tremosine.


The starting point of the route is Campione del Garda. Campione del Garda is located in the province of Brescia on the western shore of Lake Garda. Take the SS45 bis and then go down the tunnel towards the town. You park in the paid parking lot. The daily cost is 8€, in season, out of season parking is free.

After parking the car, I turn on the GPS, upload the track and set off. I leave the car park then turn right at the stop sign. A few meters and then right again. To my left stands the church of the village of Campione. I find the trail signs, great thing. I skirt the power plant that was used for the former cotton mill. Here is the sign telling me to turn left. I check the GPS, the track is right. Now begins a nice staircase. At one point I pass under the arch formed by the fronds of some cypresses. I cross a small bridge and continue the climb.

I'm on trail 110 . I climb steps carved into the rock with iron railings. Along the climb I notice small crosses glued to the rock, it is a via crucis. I stop to admire the singular construction. As I go up I find some points where I can take beautiful photos of Lake Garda, what a show. We go up the gorge of San Michele, where the stream of the same name flows.

I turn towards Campione del Garda and notice the red roofs of the neighborhood which until the 1980s housed the workers of the cotton mill. As I go up I also find the penstock that was used to feed the power plant in the town that was used to supply energy to the former cotton mill.

A nice flight of steps ends and I find myself in front of a gallery. It is not very high and is almost all lit up. It's just fine. Once out of the tunnel, I walk along a stretch where on my left I have a water diversion channel and on my right the wall overhanging the gorge of the torrent. I come to a crossroads. I keep to the right, still on path 110 towards Pregasio. Across a concrete bridge over the stream below.

Climb up the side of the mountain

After the bridge, the path climbs steeply. How beautiful. The steps help the climb. The path is sometimes equipped with a wire rope for safety. I often stop to look at the lake on my way up. I stop to admire it, I don't love water but one of the things I love is stopping to admire the lake. For a stretch I enter the wood and go down to then go up again on the other side of the valley. I leave the woods and climb again. What a show.

Along the climb I find the signs for the Bassa Via del Garda (BVG). The Bassa Via del Garda is a 70 km long path traced out at the end of the 1990s and connects the town of Salò with Limone sul Garda. I enter the woods. The path becomes wider and at a certain point on the right I find a bench with a unique view of the lake, spectacular. I continue, I find several olive trees and some houses. The dirt road ends and here is the asphalt. To the right I find a path that leads to Pieve di Tremosine.

Location Lo now in the direction of Pragasio

They are in Lo at 424 meters above sea level. I continue on the paved road uphill. At a certain point on the left I notice a sign that says Pregasio. I turn left. I walk on a grassy path that climbs between olive trees and the wood. Another crossroads. I turn right and here are the houses of Pregasio. I go up some steps. I turn right, pass under a portico and arrive in a small square where I find a fountain. I turn right and go up. At the end of the road, turn right, towards Terrazza del Brivido. I'm in Pregasio. The climb, in this circular route from Campione to the Terrace of the Brivido is over.

Arias and Parish Church of Tremosine

I walk through the country. The houses are beautiful and well cared for. I continue on the paved road and towards the end of the village on the right I find a beautiful little church. I stop and I also find the sign that explains the origin of the town's name. I walk and the view is very beautiful. To my right is Lake Garda and behind the chain of Mount Baldo and, in the background, Mount Stivo, the mountain above my house, Arco di Trento.

I walk peacefully and blissfully. I am immersed in my thoughts, the panorama helps to think and reflect. Through the hamlet of Arias , a hamlet in the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda, I walk among the well-kept and tidy houses. I am enraptured by a painting on the facade of a house. I am struck by the date 1849. A few minutes on foot and here is the sign for Pieve, a hamlet in the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda. The halfway point of the walk from Campione to the Terrazza del Brivido is almost there. I continue the walk and in a few minutes I find the indications for the Terrazza del Brivido.

Thrill Terrace

I turn right and go down the road that leads to the Hotel Paradiso. The thrill terrace is located inside the hotel. The drink to go to the terrace is mandatory, no problem a coffee is always good for us. I go in, measure the temperature, have the green pass read and then arrive at the thrill terrace after crossing a well-heated room. I'm alone. I take all the time to admire the lake and above all I linger on the road below the gorgeand on the state road that I traveled before to reach Campione sul Garda and from where I started the tour from Campione to the Terrace of the Thrill.

The terrace is suspended over the lake at an altitude of 350 metres. I take the coffee, pay and go out. Back on the road and turn right.

Parish Church of Tremosine

I continue on the main road and in a few minutes I notice a small square on the right. I'm in Pieve di Tremosine, one of the 18 hamlets of the municipality of Tremosine. Also known under the road sign is the sign that the municipality is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

I stop to get water from the fountain. I then continue along the narrow street until I reach piazza Arturo Cozzaglio, designer of the road of the Forra. On the left a panoramic terrace, the view of the lake is spectacular, exciting. I often come to this panoramic terrace when I go for a tour of the gorge on a racing bike . Currently the gorge road is closed due to a landslide.

The descent begins

The downhill path begins to the right of the square. A nice little path carved into the rock. I descend carefully and carefully. I face curves and counter-curves. I also find iron railings. I stop to take some photos. The panorama is breathtaking. I alternate stretches in the woods with stretches outdoors. The bottom is a mixture of stones and earth. A few concrete steps and I'm on the old road to the ravine. The road was closed when the tunnel was built. It should be noted that until the beginning of the last century this path was the only link between Tremosine and Lake Garda . The isolation of Tremosine ended in 1913 with the construction of the Forra road.

Vecchia Gardesana in the direction of Campione del Garda

I turn to the right. Now I walk on asphalt. The landscape is gorgeous. I am enraptured by the vertical walls to my right. I descend peacefully and blissfully and find the area where there are cliffs for climbing. The road ends, I take the main road and go down to the left. I walk on the sidewalk. At the left bend I go straight. I'm on the old road. I walk on a dirt road and the panorama leaves me speechless.

On the left, the lake beyond the parapet and Campione del Garda in the background. I walk along the slightly downhill dirt road. Through a small tunnel where a waterfall descends to the side. The path is now flat. Through two tunnels and I'm in Campione del Garda. I go down a few steps and start walking along the Campione Univevela. I go straight then I take the first street on the right. I walk among the houses of Campione. I arrive in Piazza Arrighini where I stop at the Cuba Cafè to have a coffee and some sun.

I pay for the coffee, cross the street and go straight. Ponticello and I'm at the crossroads made on the way up to Pregasio. I continue straight and follow the route taken on the outward journey.


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