Cappuzzo & Novotná win World Cup in Garda

Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA) and Paula Novotná (CZE) have won the men’s and women’s fleets after a stormy finale to the Sabfoil Wingfoil Racing World Cup & Open European Championships on Lake Garda in Italy.


  • Strong northerly winds of 15 to 20 knots
  • Upwind starts put the wingfoilers fully to the test on 5 minute short courses
  • Francesco Cappuzzo has an amazing comeback to win the men’s title
  • Paula Novotná wins 5 straight bullets to dominate the women’s competition

After a morning of rain squalls blasting down from the northern end of Garda, a weather window opened up in the afternoon for some short-course racing. While the women continued to race in one fleet, the men were re-allocated to gold, silver and bronze fleets. Five short-course races took place in 15 to 20 knots northerly wind, with an upwind start putting the wingfoilers fully to the test.


After a difficult day two, Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA) needed to make up the lost ground and see if he could haul himself up to the podium after leading the event on day one. Cappuzzo duly delivered, rising up from 7th at the start of the day to steal the title from Mathis Ghio (FRA) by less than a point. Cappuzzo won the last three heats, and his last-gasp efforts rewarded him with victory and the European title.

So close were the points, Cappuzzo didn’t know where he had finished as he stepped ashore. As soon as he was told the good news, the Sicilian burst into humble celebration. “I can’t believe it! I still don’t believe it. I am shaking. I didn’t really enjoy the start of the day as the guys went out with the coloured bibs and I was way down. I had a crash in the second race and then I thought this really wasn’t my week. But then I decided to do my best, and I really like this upwind and downwind format, and I got faster with each race. This is an amazing feeling to have won this event.”


Ghio was disappointed to have come so close to winning and not quite keep hold of the title that look set to go his way. Ever the gracious sportsman, the 19-year-old French rider said he would learn from his mistakes and come back stronger for the next World Cup event in Brazil in two months’ time. “I have never been to Brazil before and I’m really looking forward to competing there. I really love all the formats we do - the different mix of upwinds and downwinds, the short and the long distance. It’s a very good all-round test of winging.”

Finishing the day with three 2nd places was Luca Franchi (ITA) who rose to 3rd place overall in the men’s competition.


Paula Novotná (CZE) scored five straight bullets and dominated the women’s competition this week. After being crowned overall winner of the 2022 GWA Wingfoil Surf-Freestyle World Tour last week in Tarifa, Spain, the Czech rider is looking like the most complete wingfoil athlete in the world. The Queen of the freestyle and racing formats.

“I'm super stoked because I'm just getting into racing and I really need to get more comfortable on upwind sailing and today I think I did a good job,” said Novotná. “I was a bit late on the starts but I'm fast. So I told myself, ‘I’m going to catch the girls and always win the race’, and I managed to do that.” She hugged Cappuzzo as he found out he’d won the men’s contest. “Congratulations to Francesco, my long-time friend from kiteboarding. And now we go together to Brazil and I can’t wait.”


Last week was also a special one for Ellie Aldridge (GBR) who took the bronze medal at the Formula Kite World Championships in Sardinia. While the Olympic campaign on the high-speed kitefoil is Aldridge’s ‘day job’, she also considers the wingfoil to be a useful form of cross-training. As well as the opportunity to spend time with her dad Martin Aldridge, the former Olympic windsurfer racing in the men’s bronze fleet.

“I was really happy to get the bronze last week in the kitefoiling, and then decided to come here to see what wingfoil racing was all about and for a bit of holiday. It's just really exciting to see this new sport grow and be part of it as well. Anyone can jump on a wingfoil and start learning how to do it, and it’s great to meet people from so many completely different backgrounds.”

Orane Ceris (FRA) finished third in the women’s fleet although only a point in front of Maddalena Spanu (ITA) who nearly pipped her to the podium. “I made a lot of mistakes today and have a lot to learn,” said Ceris. “For Brazil I will keep my gear the same, no equipment changes. I just need to work on my starts and tactics and do the right training to be better for Brazil.”


The next event on the circuit comes up in December, when the Wingfoil Racing World Cup moves to Jericoacoara, one of the most celebrated watersports venues on the coast of Brazil. Located less than 200 miles south of the Equator, the event promises a warm-weather escape for riders from the chill of the northern hemisphere. It’s also the next qualifying event for the ANOC World Beach Games due to take place in Bali next August, so the wingfoil competition should be as hot as the Brazilian weather.



1. Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA), 12.6 points

2. Mathis Ghio (FRA), 13.4 points

3. Luca Franchi (ITA), 18.0 points


1. Paula Novotná (CZE), 8.0 points

2. Ellie Aldridge (GBR), 17.0 points

3. Ceris Orane (FRA), 22.0 points

More results and details about the competition at

2022 WingFoil Racing World Cup Italy

Campione del Garda || 18-22 October 2022

GOLD Flight

Sailed: 11, Discards: 3, To count: 8, Entries: 14, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankLycraHelmNameNATSponsorsYoBR1 (LD)R2 (LD)R3 (DS)R4 (DS)R5 (DS)R6 (DS)F1F2F3F4F5TotalNett
1st33Francesco CappuzzoITA.jpgRRD , HILX , WINDRESORT, Asd reef19970.30.3(5.0)4.03.0(5.0)2.0(7.0)
2nd1Mathis GhioFRA.jpgOcean Rodeo, Levitaz, Forward Wip, Prado KHSC, A.V. Carry-le-Rouet20020.70.7(4.0)(1.0)
3rd62Luca FranchiITA.jpgZaoli Sails, Sailmon, Chubanga, Yacht Club Italiano20041.01.0(2.0)2.0(4.0)2.0(6.0)
4th52Bastien EscofetFRA.jpgPort-Mahon Sigean19981.7(7.0) DNC)4.01.0(7.0)
5th3Colmas ClementFRA.jpgFreewing Starboard Sooruz, La Rochelle Nautique2001(2.0)(2.0)
6th45Mateo DussarpsFRA.jpgREEDIN / BLACKLOCAL, LAROCHELLE NAUTIQUE2000(2.3)1.31.0(2.0)2.02.0(10.0)
7th46Nicolo SpanuITA.jpgsabfoil, windsurfing club Cagliari2004(4.0) DNF)
8th2Alessandro Jose TomasiITA.jpgChubanga, Ensis, Wingman, Fraglia Vela Riva2003(1.3)(1.7) DNF)
9th61Riccardo ZorziITA.jpgslingshot sabfoil rideengine newind kite center garda lake20062.72.7(3.0)1.02.0(3.0)5.0(11.0)
10th37May BenjaminGER.jpgDuotone, Fanatic, ION20043.
11th54Rattotti JulienFRA.jpgAGASC club nautique20023.3(5.7) DNC)
12th58Giulio GasperiniITA.jpgEnsis, SabFoil, Albaria Windsurfing Club2006(5.3)5.0(6.0)
13th44Gunnar Marc BiniaschGER.jpgNorth foils, Mystic, Canakite Gran Canaria1978(5.0)4.3(5.0) DNF) DNC6.087.362.3
14th67Sebastiano ZorziITA.jpgSabFoil, SlighShot, RideEngine, Kite Center Garda Lake2008(7.0)3.7(6.0)


Sailed: 10, Discards: 2, To count: 8, Entries: 14, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankLycraHelmNameNATSponsorsYoBR1 (LD)R2 (LD)R3 (DS)R4 (DS)R5 (DS)R6 (DS)F1F2F3F4TotalNett
1st43John SubranniUSA.jpgSan Francisco Wing Racing19888.3(14.0 DSQ) NSC)
2nd31Ernesto De AmicisITA.jpgSabFoil, Ensis, FlyGroove, RYCC Savoia Napoli - Wind Lovers2008(6.0)5.3(6.0)
3rd65Gregorio CarraresiITA.jpg5.73.3(8.0)(14.0 RET)
4th41Alan FEDITFRA.jpgAMSLF Frejus1996(6.3)
5th51Oscar LeclairFRA.jpgCV Martigues, Vayu, axis19984. DNF)(9.0)
6th50Rafferty ReadGBR.jpgOcean Rodeo, ION, Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy2003(14.0 DNC)(14.0 DNF)
7th53Enrico TononITA.jpgGDV LNI BELLUNO19666. DNF)5.06.0(10.0)7.074.450.4
8th70Audoin HiltenbrandFRA.jpgsroka company, French Foil2000(14.0 DNF)6.310.
9th66Alessio BarberaITA.jpgGROOVE, CHUBANGA, RRD, Sporting Club Marina di Pulsano1983(9.3) DNC)
10th56Stefano Alessandro MorisITA.jpgII-1665 A.S.D. Talamone Windsurfing Kite Center19747.7(14.0 RET)
11th49Benjamin BillarantFRA.jpgClub de Doussard19737. DNC)7.010.0(11.0)
12th69Leonardo GiovannelliITA.jpgsabfoil, kiteloose, rad straps, ozone italia shop, gath, Circolo Velico 3V20068.77.710.010.09.0(14.0 DNC)11.0(12.0)9.012.0103.477.4
13th38Daniele MinoniITA.jpgC.V. Toscolano Maderno20018. DNC)10.0(15.0 DNF)15.0 DNC15.0 DNC109.380.3
14th36Gautier GuichardFRA.jpgAgasc20024.7(10.0) DNC)15.0 DNC15.0 DNC15.0 DNC106.781.7


Sailed: 10, Discards: 2, To count: 8, Entries: 13, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankLycraHelmNameNATSponsorsYoBR1 (LD)R2 (LD)R3 (DS)R4 (DS)R5 (DS)R6 (DS)F1F2F3F4TotalNett
1st35Gabin DardeauFRA.jpgAFS, ASCR2007(14.0 DNC)8.7(11.0)
2nd39Nils StolzlechnerAUT.jpgNJS DESIGNS1962(14.0 DNC) DNF)14.0 DNC1.
3rd60Riccardo BevilacquaITA.jpgSabfoil, Ensis, Groove, 1333 - RICCIONE 151 H2O SPORTS ASS2009(14.0 DNC)14.0 DNC(15.0 NSC)
4th32Valentin LuxFRA.jpgCannes jeunesse200214.0 DNC14.0 UFD11.010.0(15.0 DNF)(15.0 DNS)
5th57Raimondo GasperiniITA.jpgSabFoli, FreeWing/Starboard, AK, Albaria Windsurfing Club19669.09.711.013.0(15.0 DNC)(15.0 DNC)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC4.05.0109.779.7
6th63Carlo AriemmaITA.jpgChubanga, CORE, Playa Carlo, Kitesurfing Ostia1963(14.0 DNC) DNC)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC116.088.0
7th34Jordan JulianFRA.jpgLa nautique20023.714.0 RET(15.0 DNC)5.0(15.0 DNC)15.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC123.793.7
8th40Martin AldridgeGBR.jpgParkstone Yacht Club196510.014.0 DNC12.011.0(15.0 DNC)(15.0 DNC)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC6.014.0 DNF125.095.0
9th68Marco RebeggianiITA.jpgRRD, kaukau , Fly Groove, Mikes Lab, Chia Wind Club19729.78.012.0(15.0 DNF)11.0(15.0 DNF)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC126.796.7
10th42Jose Gollito Estredo PerezVEN.jpgN/A1989(14.0 DNC)(14.0 DNC)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC8.014.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC134.0106.0
11th55Philipp KuempelGER.jpgWindsurfclub e. V.1968(14.0 DNC)(14.0 DNC)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC140.0112.0
12th64Stefano CassettiITA.jpgUnivela197414.0 DNC14.0 DNC(15.0 DNC)(15.0 DNC)15.0 DNC15.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC144.0114.0
12th22Brock CallenUSA.jpgUS Sailinf202214.0 DNC14.0 DNC(15.0 DNC)(15.0 DNC)15.0 DNC15.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC144.0114.0

2022 WingFoil Racing World Cup Italy

Campione del Garda || 18-22 October 2022


Sailed: 10, Discards: 2, To count: 8, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankLycraHelmNameNatSponsorsYoBR1 (LD)R2 (LD)R3 (DS)R4 (DS)R5 (DS)R6R7R8R9R10TotalNett
1st1Paula NovotnaCZE.jpgDuotone, Fanatic, Ion19921.0(11.0 NSC)1.01.0(2.0)
2nd2Ellie AldridgeGBR.jpgNorth, Mystic, WPNSA19963.01.0(5.0)(4.0)
3rd3Ceris OraneFRA.jpgStarboard x Freewing, Sabfoil, Sooruz, ACPV - New Caledonia1994(11.0 DNF)
4th12Maddalena Maria SpanuITA.jpgsabfoil, windsurfing club Cagliari20062.
5th19Margherita BarroITA.jpgFraglia vela riva, Ensis, TURTLEWING BOARDS20046.05.0(8.0)5.05.0(8.0)
6th23Sofia TrentiniITA.jpgCircolo surf Torbole20055.0(11.0 NSC)4.07.0(11.0 DNF)
7th11Marta MongeITA.jpgVayu, Gefran, Circolo nautico del Finale2002(7.0)4.06.0(8.0)
8th25Mariska WildenbergNED.jpgNKV19964.0(11.0 DNC)9.010.0(11.0 DNF)
9th24Marisol DeprettoITA.jpgCircolo Surf Torbole20078.0(11.0 NSC)7.09.0(11.0 DNF)11.0 DNF11.0 DNF11.0 DNF9.
10th20Elena GuazzalocaITA.jpgReale Y.C.C.Savoia - Wind Lovers1987(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNF) DNF11.0 DNF11.0 DNC11.0 DNF10.011.0 DNC103.081.0

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