Lombardy, on Lake Garda the promotional INAIL Campus for accessible sailing

The initiative of Inail and the Italian Paralympic Committee involved 20 people in a four-day sailing course, where theoretical and practical sailing lessons alternated. The aim of the course is to encourage social relations and the exchange of sports experiences

Campus promotional image for accessible sailing
CAMPIONE DEL GARDA - Knowing and trying the discipline of sailing to encourage the exchange of sports experiences and social relationships: this is the purpose of the accessible sailing promotional campus which involved 20 Inail assistants and their companions in the sports and accommodation facility of "Campione Univela ”In Campione del Garda, in the province of Brescia. In a suggestive landscape, despite the autumn weather, during the four days of the sailing course the participants alternated theoretical lessons with the practice of navigation. In addition, it was also possible to experiment with other sports such as archery, table tennis and darts.

The satisfaction questionnaires. At the end of the course, the satisfaction questionnaires were collected to evaluate the proposal and most of the participants said they appreciated both the group sporting experience, the organization and the welcome. In addition, many have expressed a willingness to devote themselves more to sports and greater confidence in their abilities.

Inail / Cip initiatives for the promotion of sporting practice. The sailing Campus is an initiative within the Inail / Cip-Italian Paralympic Committee 2018-2021 four-year plan for the promotion of sports practice, a plan that envisaged various initiatives in 2020, some of which were canceled due to the health emergency, including which:
A day of training / professional updating for the members of the multidisciplinary teams of I and II level of Inail, held on 29 January 2020 at the Palazzo Coni in Milan
The Alpine Ski Campus, built from 15 to 16 February 2020 at the Presolana Pass (in the province of Bergamo)
The Summer Multisport Day (scheduled for May, but not realized due to Covid-19)
Campus Vela, scheduled for July, postponed due to the new coronavirus from 1 to 4 October 2020 in Campione del Garda (in the province of Brescia).
Sport is confirmed as a very powerful lever for recovering psycho-physical energy, self-esteem and promoting the reintegration into social life of people with disabilities due to accidents at work.

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