Take a break from the world and relax

Campione del Garda is historically isolated and for this reason chosen by tourists in search of peace, nature and safety

Disconnect from the rest of the world

Campione del Garda is located in a naturally isolated environment. In fact, our village has been connected to the other villages along the Western Gardesana for only a hundred years.

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Our peninsula, created by a stream that later became a small river that runs through a beautiful canyon, is now connected to Limone del Garda and Gargnano through two tunnels, one on the north side and one on the south side of the town. Once you have exited the tunnel, the best choice is to park the car that you will no longer need until the end of your holiday. You will only move on foot, but the laziest ones can use traditional or electric bicycles.

Naturally, an environment for sport lovers

In Campione del Garda you basically come to relax and play sports. Our beach is very popular with local tourists who come for an afternoon to enjoy a little sun and a little wind by the lake. Regular visitors are obviously all lovers of watersports including kiters, windsurfers and sailors. Another very popular activity is deep-diving or canoeing and sup.

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Those who prefer the mountains usually start from Campione and take one of the two paths that lead to the Tremosine above. The choice is between travelling the first stretch of the mountain through the Canyon and the old tunnels or following the first version of the Western Gardesana which gently takes you up to the Tremosine plateau.

Photos by arneviebrock

Covid? Nothing, Zero, Nada.

Campione del Garda is a village where about a hundred not so young people live and which boasts an enviable record during this pandemic period. The total number of infections in Campione del Garda was zero. In fact, no one got sick or tested positive in the various tests carried out. This excellent result has been guaranteed by meticulous checks and by the fact that there are no sources of pollution such as factories or high-traffic roads.

Photos by arneviebrock

Campione del Garda is, in fact, a natural oasis where the wind blows about 20 hours a day from various directions, guaranteeing an ideal microclimate both in summer and in winter and where nature grows luxuriantly with plants that are usually found at latitudes more southerly. We are proud to live in this remote village and welcome our guests with all the most effective protocols to protect everyone's health.

Hygiene and prevention protocol

Before opening to the public, together with Federalberghi and our health safety consultants, we studied a stringent protocol capable of preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. You can read in detail all the procedures to follow and the innovations imposed at this link but summarizing the 3 key points are:

  1. we have invested in thermal cameras to measure the temperature at the entrance;
  2. we have remodelled the entrances to allow only guests to enter the dedicated areas;
  3. we have enhanced all cleaning protocols to be as effective as possible against the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

The most important aspect that makes us proud of our summer 2020? We opened in June and no one got sick or tested positive.

Safe Holidays, Courses and Events

Thanks to the work done by our team we were able to manage around 10,000 presences this summer without accidents and without infections. Whether it was a family holiday or a camp for kids committed to learning to sail, our staff managed to enforce the spacing and prevention rules. For this reason, despite the many difficulties of this season, we still insist on inviting everyone to visit Campione del Garda and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

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