Foiling Easter Regatta Concluded

domenica, 25 aprile 2021


Foiling Easter Regatta - Postponed

mercoledì, 17 marzo 2021


Campione del Garda & Alto Milano

domenica, 14 febbraio 2021


The Most Fun Regatta of the Year

giovedì, 20 agosto 2020


Progetto Itaca

lunedì, 20 luglio 2020

The "Progetto Itaca" comes back to Campione del Garda after the break.


Optimist Clinic by Marcello Meringolo

martedì, 09 giugno 2020

Clinic Optimist Campione del Garda: 20th - 24th July 2020

Maximum Number of Participants: 12


Introducing New Sanitation Protocol for 2020 Season

martedì, 19 maggio 2020

Univela 2020. Where everything seems the same even if everything has changed.


Univela is opening the 30th of May

domenica, 17 maggio 2020

We are pleased to announce the opening of our facility scheduled for Saturday 30th of May.


100% Renewable Energy

martedì, 07 aprile 2020

Again for 2020 Univela has decided to use 100% renewable energy.


A-CAT clinic by Timoteusz Bendyk

sabato, 11 gennaio 2020

After the wonderful training of last March (and March 2018!) we decided with Tymoteusz to run the training again next March and I would like to invite you!

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